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Just signed another contract - this time for a menage 'Sweet Things'. Hopefully it will be published May/June of this year.

She slept in, got covered in mud, almost set fire to the Ladies room, and then lost her job. What else could happen? Mia Bruce, 54, couldn't believe how bad her day started out but that chain of events led to something amazing—she started her own business!

Karl Miller, 55, multi-millionaire, business owner and bisexual partner to Liam, couldn't believe his eyes when he found the half-naked staff member in the Ladies room. Instead of a fire in the bathroom, he found a fire in his heart.

Liam Kelly, 53, world-renowned artist and Karl's life partner meets Mia on the worst day of her life. His smitten as much as Karl. Now all the two men have to do is convince Mia she needs two men in her life—easy?

No, not when she dislikes Karl at first sight.

  • Suzy Shearer

So excited to tell you that book 3 in The Silk Rope Masters - Ash - has been accepted for publication by Evernight Publishers!

A natural born Dom, Ash (Reyansh) Siddiqi,53 is the co-owner and head Master of Silk Rope.

When Sophie Laurent, 51, fills in for her chef brother, Pierre, at Silk Rope when she comes face-to-face with Master Ash. A natural born Dom, Ash is a confirmed bachelor. His pleasures always come without romantic involvement at the club. He's never been in a relationship and has no intention to find one.

But when she stepped into Pierre's shoes Ash was caught - he fell hook, line and sinker. Unfortunately it seems Sophie dislikes him. Ash tries to think of a way to change her mind before her brother returns and she’s out of his life forever.

The contract has been signed and I've sent in the information for the cover. Hopefully the book will be out by the end of March or sometime in April.

  • Suzy Shearer

A Wolf's Tale - due out July 24th from Evernight and all online bookstores.

When veterinarian Emily Brownstone, 55, found a poisoned wolf on the roadside, she didn’t realise the chain of events that would follow.

Someone was trying to kill off the native wildlife and Emily’s action in saving the wolf would threaten her life but would also bring her the man of her dreams.

Tate Collins, 57, couldn’t believe his luck—he’s finally met his soul mate after all these years. All he had to do was tell her his secret—and it was a big one! He just hoped she wouldn’t freak out.

On her way home one snowy afternoon Emily finds a large unconscious  wolf in the middle of the road. Suspecting it has been poisoned she flags down a car to get help moving it.

Taking it back to her home she is amazed when it allows her to help it. Over the next few days it gradually heals and Emily falls in love with the handsome blue-eyed wolf. When she releases it back into the wild she feels heart-broken and wonders if she'll ever see it again.

The last thing alpha Tate expected was to get poisoned - but when he discovers his saviour is his mate he has to pretend he's just an ordinary wolf.

Once healed he wrangles an introduction to the beautiful vet. Together they need to find out who is poisoning and shooting the wildlife before it's too late.

But that's not his only problem - somehow he has to her know that he spends a lot of his time running around on four legs!

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