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Blood War

by Suzy Shearer

Ella Conlan woke to a strange day. At 55 she thought her life was simply ordinary, even a little dull, except for having RH-null blood. But she hadn't counted on being the center of a Blood War between two warring factions of vampires. Nor had she counted on being the mate of not one but two handsome vampires.


Jarek Hoggarth and his mate, Leon Fenton, are over the moon when they discover the woman with the rare blood group they've been searching for is their bond mate!


Now all they have to do is stop her from being killed, rescue her, convince her to donate her blood, and then finally get her to accept that she is destined to spend eternity with the two of them.

Loved it!

I always love books about vampires and this is no exception. Ms Shearer wrote a series with vampires but they were scary horrible ones. These vampires are so HOT!
Wish it was me with the rare blood - I'd love to have those two as mates.
This was a quick read but very enjoyable. I always love Ms Shearer using older characters. This heroine is brave and older. I heartily recommend reading it.

Written by Catherine

Suzy is fast becoming my favorite author. The fact her characters are always older and imperfect makes them believable . Blood War is different from her usual books but it is great. It's only a short story but filled with action and hot sex. It's a little different from the usual vampire stories in that the war is between vampires. I loved the heroine - she was so brave and who wouldn't loved having two handsome men!

A fantastic read

Dachief72 on 9th Sep 2022

A fantastic, riveting read. Deliciously dark and dangerous. With plenty of twists and turns, this book had me hooked. Would recommend.

Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews

The last thing you expect on an ordinary night when you are fifty-five years of age, is to find out that vampires exist, and they’re after your blood. This is what happens to Ella.

This is a fast-paced novella with a lot of emphasis put on the soul-mate bond – instant love, lack of fear, etc. Ella is thrown into a world where her blood is much sought after, and not just by her mates.

The three main characters are a good match for each other, although I sometimes found it difficult to differentiate between Leon and Jarek, especially when they were speaking. I enjoyed Ella being in her fifties, but then the obvious happens, and I kind of which it hadn’t. She didn’t sound that “old and wrinkly” in the first place!

A good story with the possibility of it continuing. If you are looking for a light, quick, read then I can definitely recommend this one.


Written by Loubie73 on 9th Sep 2022

Oh my lord! First book by this author, sure as hell won’t be the last. Bloody loved it. Couldn’t put my kindle down until I’d finished it. Eagerly awaiting the next book by this very talented author. I will be the first in the queue to get my hands on it.

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