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Who hasn't been lonely at some point in their life and wish for their perfect mate to appear to them and be there forever. That is exactly what happens to Ellie. The Gods looked down and granted Ellie's gift with Dorian. 

Greek mythology has always been a fascination with me, but I love when creative licenses are taken with it. I mean, who really knows how it it? Suzy took the basis of it and runs with it. I mean the demon Krisk reminds me a lot of Dobbie from the Harry Potter Series. Cute little guy!!!!

This book is not just about the Greek Gods and a romance but many different things at a time. Be careful what you wish for, it may just come true. Things aren't always what they appear to be. Treat people like you yourself would like to be treated. Bravery can come from where you least expect it. Yes I got all of that from this one book. 

I teared up here and there. I laughed too. There is a lot of action. A definite read!

Daemons Are Forever


Be careful what you wish for - you just might get it!


In Ancient Greek mythology, Daemons are benevolent  nature spirits, beings of the same nature as both mortals and gods, everything daemonic is between divine and mortal.


My daemons are heroes, spirit guides, forces of nature who live with the Greek Gods on Mount Olympus.


My Demons are malevolent, they are not permitted to physically harm mortals but have 'open season' on any immortals they meet.





What do you do when you are a woman in her 60s and all alone?


Why make a wish of course ....



Feeling like a complete idiot I whispered, "Please send me a sexy hunk, someone really tall and handsome who will love me forever. Let the sparks fly and the attraction go way off the scale and let me fall in love with him."


Eliza Walters made a wish to the Universe, never expecting that very soon a tall dark and extremely handsome man would come to her.


There is just a slight catch or two - he is an immortal ... oh and no-one else can see him.


Throw in a scared little Demon and you have the recipe for something funny, sexy and delightful.




suzy shearer author Krisk


Daemons are Forever is now only available direct from the author. 

Only $1 USD.
Just email for an ecopy.

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