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The Hunter series -

Books 1 - 4 are now only available direct from the author. 

Each title is now only $1 USD.

Just email for an ecopy.

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The Hunters series

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Book 4 has never been published but available through here.

SiKReviews rated it 

Charlotte has lived her life. She is a mother and grandmother. She is an artist and she loves her life. She has always been psychic. When she started noticing periods of utter terror, it left her on edge. It is when she finds herself in one of those periods that a voice forces her to flee. 

Matei has been a Hunter for millennia. AFter traching a vampire, he saves the woman by commanding her to leave. When he follows her home, he realizes....she is his One. 

After convincing her of who and what he is, Charlotte has to come to terms if she can become his other half by being a Hunter herself, or being with him as she is. Together, they face danger. Together they find love.

This a beautiful story of finding the one person who completes you

suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent
A Hunter's Heart

Book one in The Hunter Series


Charlotte, single, 54 with psychic abilities, is stalked by something evil, but unknowingly saved.  Her saviour is Matei Lupei. Charlotte is so attracted to Matei yet he is young enough to be her son and she tries to ignore the feelings of love she has.


But for Matei, Charlotte is his 'One' and he must convince her that he is an immortal strigoi hunter, in love with her and, despite his fangs and need for blood, that he is not a vampire.


... Tall, so very tall and imposing. He had dark hair pulled back from his face. His face was so masculine yet with a beauty of its own; that 5 o'clock stubble look, with unbelievable green eyes. He simply oozed maleness and sex... and; oh yes, and he was young, very young; he looked about 30. Charlotte felt her heart rise then plummet   ..."   


The 'real' Harley .....

A Hunter's Choice


Book Two in The Hunter Series.



Tomas is Matei's young brother, his baby brother.  Tomas is assigned to help Mihăiță Petran (Michael) until his brother returns.


The two along with Michael's mate Louisa, head to a large city where there have been numerous deaths that look like the work of strigoi.  


Tomas is badly hurt fighting two strigoi and stumbles through the forest trying to find shelter.  He staggers onto a tent and can't believe it when  the person inside turns out to be his 'One'!


SiKReviews rated it 5 of 5 stars


Julie has been a loner most of her life and believes she will remain that way. Until Tomas crawls into her life. Tomas has been hoping that fate would smile upon him and let him find his One. Who knew he would find her when he needed her most?!

I love how we get to see more about the other characters in this world. I am so stoked that Avril turned out to be the One for who I hoped she would be. Yeah, if you want to know who, read the book! 

This book had me tearing up in many places. Smiling in more. I never wanted it to end.

I have been reading Suzy's books since the very beginning. Each book she writes just keeps getting better and better. I love how Suzy's heroines are older, more mature and imperfect. It makes me as a reader able to relate to the characters more. Well done Suzy!



Reading this book, was like reading a whole new series even though this is the third book in the series. I really give it 4.5 Stars! I can sit here and recount everything that happens within the book practically recanting the synopsis, but I rather tell you that by the end of this book, I was clammering for the next. I mean really, even though these are the hunter we knew since book one, with this one, things change and progress. Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks? Not Erica that is for sure! You can't get any older than Anthan!

Really looking forward to book 4! Get to it Suzy! 

suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent
suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent
A Hunter's Challenge


Book Three in The Hunter Series.



In this book you get TWO handsome Hunters - Anthanasius Vaduva and Martin Blackbird.


We met Martin and Anthan in Book two - this time the two join forces to hunt Strigoi in Australia's south coast.  


Anthanasius (Anthan) is almost royalty - the oldest Hunter and one of the original 20. Over four thousand years old, he is the most experienced and most respected of all Hunters. But he is fighting against his internal pain.


Can Martin prevent Anthan 'walking into the sun'?


A mystery woman holds a key to puzzle - will she be the One to either of our heroes?

suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent
A Hunters Faith


Book Four in The Hunter Series.

If you remember the last book had the Hunters realising there are more strigoi (vampires) about, they were breeding faster and faster.  We also discovered the gods still were watching and looking out for our heroes.

Well in this latest book I have a new heroine - Katherine Garrett, who had some rather interesting abilities that will be able to aid our Hunters on their quest to rid the world of strigoi.


Katherine also discovers she is the One for a gorgeous Hunter - Jun Westbrook. He's relatively young by Hunter standards,middle age at only 1358, but is very experienced.

When it is discovered Katherine has some rather alarming abilities Jun and the other Hunters must discover just how they can be used in the fight but ...

Is Katherine all she seems to be or is she something else?

The Hunters  - a history lesson

Since the beginning of time, there were two races - Humans and strigoi or Vampire.  You will not find anything about it in the history texts, most of what is known comes from oral traditions.  This other species was nocturnal and lived on the blood of other animals. 


At first, the strigoi were few and they fought amongst themselves, killing each other, they ignored humans.   As man began to thrive, this second species was in danger of becoming extinct.  Then they discovered that it was easier to feed on humans than to hunt animals for blood.  They also discovered that some humans were psychic and they could torment them, destroy and corrupt them. 


It became their play.  They would find a psychic human and begin a campaign of terror that always ended with the death of the human. The old tales of creatures drinking the blood of man developed from these, they were the strigoi.


Move forward in time to the third millennium, to Dacia, which was located in the area in and around the Carpathian Mountains, now known as Romania and Moldavia.


The people were terrified of the creatures that came at them at night, draining them of blood.  They tried to fight them but the strigoi had developed skills over the centuries to help them adapt.  They were still nocturnal but they seemed to vanish at will. They had the ability to appear fair of face, could bewitch with their voice and they had super human strength.  They would come disguised and implanted thoughts of sexual acts and fill the mind with longing for them. 


Usually a vampire drains the blood of their victims at once and kills them.   However, when the strigoi find a psychic human, they do not drain them but take enough blood to control the person, then will delight in torturing their victims, they will force such pain and agony onto them, force them to do things against their will.


There appeared no way to fight the strigoi, many people were being killed.  A select few began to study the strigoi and their ways.   At first, they were killed, but slowly they managed to kill a few strigoi in return.  Nevertheless, there needed to be some way to ensure that future generations of man would be protected.


The leaders begged the Gods to help. In those days, the Gods were appealed to all the time.  There were many rituals performed, many spells woven, and thousands of prayers and offerings made to them, trying to create the perfect Hunter over the following centuries. Finally, the Gods took pity on them and they created the Hunters, men adapted from the strongest and bravest who had fought the strigoi.  No one knows who these Gods were but Hunters always pay tribute to Mother Earth as a compendium of them all. 


At first, there were twenty: the finest Hunters in the land.  The Gods took them and made them immortal.  They gave them the same strengths as the strigoi but because they were from human stock, they had greater intelligence. 


Unfortunately, they also had the same restriction place on them - they were nocturnal, needed blood to survive and, like the vampire, could not exist in the sunlight, although the Hunter could tolerate early morning sun and late evening whereas the strigoi were, and still are, forced to hide in darkness when the sun rises until it sets.  The vampire is unable to wake through the day whereas the Hunter, though lethargic through the middle of the day, can be awake during some daylight hours.


Their bodies are strong and they are able to control with their minds like the vampire but Hunters only use mind control if they have to block a human against a vampire or create a false memory so people do not know the truth of their existence.  They can dematerialise, transform into animals and birds.  They can run at speeds faster than a human.


So from around 2500BCE until now there have always been immortal Hunters who protect humans from the vampire.  Hunters were created to balance the evil.  They search all over the world for the vampire and destroy them. Hunters are not evil, although many believe they are.  They never kill unless it is vampire, they eat no animal, they care for the Earth, their Mother, and they protect all. 


However, just as the vampire needs blood to survive so do the Hunters.  They are able to survive on drinking blood a few times each week, while a strigoi needs to feed each day.  They also eat food as a mortal does.


Usually, if paired, the one born a Hunter will feed their partner.  If not, many Hunters have human friends that will allow them.  For someone to offer to give his or her blood to a Hunter is a great honour, one that a Hunter would never abuse.  When blood is taken from a mortal, a pleasant memory is inserted.  The person has no idea any blood has been taken.  The process does not take very long and feel no pain.


The Gods saw that it would be a long and lonely existence for them so they told them that for each Hunter there would be the One just for them: a partner.  Ironically, they never told them where they would find them, when, or if they would.  They also told them that this partner would be mortal with a human lifespan.  They would also be psychic.  Once they met them, they could convert them by exchanging blood five times.  Their partner would then also become an immortal.


When a Hunter meets their One, and they convert that person they are then able to have children together.  That child would then be born a Hunter, although the children do not achieve adulthood until they are around 28 or 30.  Until then they are just the same as a human, they can play and live in the sun, they do not take blood but survive as a mortal on food although they cannot eat meat. 


Once they attain 'maturity', they must then make a decision to stay as human or to become a Hunter.  If they choose to stay a human, their decision becomes fixed once they have their 30th birthday, and they stay human they will age and eventually die.  If they decide they will become Hunter, they must have two blood exchanges from Hunters, preferably in their immediate bloodline then devote their lives to the protection of all peoples of the Earth.

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