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Sweet Things

When lovely plus-sized Mia Bruce, 53, has the worst day of her life, she wonders what the future will hold. She oversleeps, then gets splashed with mud soaking her dress and legs. Sneaking into the work bathroom she tries to wash and dry her dresss only to get caught by the new boss.

But that's not the end of her bad luck - she discovers she's been transferred or offer a termination package!

Businessman Karl Miller, 55 is enamoured. Walking into the ladies bathroom after an employee thought they smelt smoke he discovers a beautiful half naked woman.

When he's told she's resigned, he sets out to win her for himself - and his lifelong partner, artist Liam Kelly.

For Liam, 53, he agrees with Karl that Mia is the perfect woman to make their lives complete - they just have to convince her. But that may be a hard thing to do as Mia made her dislike of Karl obvious.

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Jean Day rated it it was amazing

OMG! I'm in love!
I'm glad this book is a menage because I couldn't pick between the two men. Liam - handsome and bossy; Karl - sexy and emotional. Mia was as perfect for them as they were for her.
I adore Aunt Mildred! She is so funny and certainly livens up things. Ms Shearer always makes me laugh, cry and as usual I needed a tissue in parts.
Be aware there is a trigge warning about child abuse but the way it was written showed compassion and thoughtfulness.
I simply love Ms Shearer's older characters, much easier to relate to someone your own age. If you've never read her books before this is a great one to start with.
5 Stars from me.

Readalot rated it it was amazing

Aunt Mildred, you rock!! Emotional roller coaster, and tissues are definitely needed. Love the writing about "older" couples.

Annette rated it - it was amazing

I love books with older couples! This book had it all! Love, hot steamy ménage sex, intense moments, tears and one crazy lovable Aunt Mildred. I want to get in line for my pearls and join this family. One bad day ends up making dreams come true in so many different ways for our threesome. Mia, Karl and Liam will prove to you that love will conquer past history and make for a fantastic future!

Jan 29, 2021The TBR Pile *Book review site*

Really liked it!

There is a lot more depth than I expected. I really like Mia. I understand her. She’s having those days that we all have. The kind that makes me want to sit in front of the tv with a pint of Haagen-Dazs and the phones turned off. Then she meets not one but two sexy men who want her. Unfortunately, they’re a pair because she only likes one. That is a great twist!