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Jean Day
I love this series. Each book has a hero that I'd love and Nico is no exception. A detective, he seems strong and assertive but we get to see behind the Dom persona and I love him.
I liked the heroine also, she was strong and had enough concerns to make her human.
Best of all I love how these books, and all her others, have mature characters. It's so easy to relate to someone in the 50s when it's close to your own age.
Think I'll go back and read the first three then wait patiently for book 5.


This series has been amazing. I love that the characters are older and more mature. Master Nico is known as Wolf by all his friends and he really wants to find that one woman that fits him and his life. Elizabeth is a divorced woman who is looking to spice her life up. These two together were wonderful. I loved their connection and enjoyed watching their relationship grow!! Lovely story.


Kristine L.

I enjoyed the story between Nico and Elizabeth. I love the maturity of Nico and Elizabeth. Nico falls hard for Elizabeth and he wants her to be his submissive. I love the storyline and the characters. I love how Elizabeth evolves into her sensual and personal growth. I've not read the other stories in this series but I've added them to my TBR list. Great story.



This book was really well done, the main focus of it is the development of a Dom/sub relationship between Nico and Lizzie. However in telling the story it explores the negative connotation attached to being a submissive and for Lizzie the inability to say the words 'I submit'. It was clear as a reader that the characters both enjoyed the dynamic together and that the problem was more a stumbling block around actual wording rather than the dynamic and I thought the author did a really good job of exploring both sides of the argument without being judgemental in anyway. Communication was a big thing in this book and it wasn't always the clearest between the two main characters and there were some behaviours at the beginning which painted Nico specifically in a negative light however both characters had amazing growth throughout the book and I really found myself championing their relationship. It was very much an insta lust/insta love story with some wonderful D/s moments being explored together.


The Silk Rope Masters -

Book three of The Silk Rope Masters

A natural born Dom, Ash (Reyansh) Siddiqi,53 is the co-owner of Silk Rope.

He's content to remain unattached - taking his pleasures where he may until she stepped into the club chef's shoes.

Ash was caught, he fell hard and fast. Unfortunately for Ash she appears to dislike him. 


His heart is breaking as he tries to accept her rejection of him but then...

I love a book that combines food and romance.


Written by Karen DiGaetano on 28th Dec 2020

I love a book that combines food and romance. I guess that is why I am as big as I am! Ms Shearer’s heroines are all so realistic. They are far from perfect and older than most. You can really fit yourself as the lead. Especially true for Sophie Ash is smitten at first sight. I am so glad he never gave up on Sophie He is, to me, the perfect man This story is so moving and passionate. A definite must read.


The Silk Rope Masters -

Police Detective, Nico Morelli, 54, knows his reputation as a predator - a Dom, a Latin Lover. Happy taking his pleasures without commitment but deep inside he longs to meet that one woman who would rock his world.

Elizabeth Cook, 53, has come to Silk Rope to find what's missing in her life, to discover her fantasy. But instead she's prey to a wolf.

But can she turn her back on what he offers? 


Posted by Long and Short Reviews

If you think all romance and/or BDSM books are for young whippersnappers then think again! The main female here is fifty-one and the main male is fifty-two! Hallelujah!!!

There is instant attraction from Ash but it’s not long before it turns into love – even before he’s had the chance to get to know her. As for Sophie, she is attracted to Ash but is afraid of what him being a Master means.

The time moves on in this story which was good to see. It didn’t all happen within a couple of weeks. Instead, you get interactions and then some time before a new one. It was also good to see it being the male with unrequited love!

This is the third book in the series but you can read it as a standalone as I have. This in no way impacted my enjoyment of their story. Obviously, you get hints of previous stories in the supporting characters but nothing so much as to be confusing.

This was a great story with a gentle learning curve for Sophie and I have no hesitation in recommending it.


Simply Fabulous 

Posted by Jean Day 

Another fabulous book in the series. I'm so glad Ms Shearer decided to write Ash's story. We learned about him in the previous 2 books and to see him in a new light was wonderful.
It's great how easy it is to love the characters in her books. With each one I fall in love with the masters.
Sophie was attracted to Ash but wasn't prepared to get involved with a master. For Ash falling in love was a whole new ballgame. I love the way the romance developed and all the twists and turns.
As usual I laughed and cried, Ms Shearer seemed to have a knack for getting her readers emotional along with her characters


The Silk Rope Masters -

Book one of The Silk Rope Masters

When 52 year old Avril Thomson overheard two women talking about a BDSM club , it had her intrigued. Determined to finally explore her desire for pain during sex, she signs up for the information evening at Silk Rope - an exclusive BDSM club. Even before she knows his name, she becomes aware of Master Steven.​

Steven Bray, 53, is a sadist. He noticed her as soon as he entered into the room, she was hard to ignore. Beautiful but with an unapproachable demeanour.​

Still his cock had given a twitch that turned into much more when she admitted she wanted to explore pain - heavy pain.


The question is would she return? And if she did, was she a sexual sadist and, if so, would she allow Steven to teach all there was to love about pain.

Annette's review ....   "It was amazing "


Imagine overhearing something on a bus that completely changes your life and opens up a whole new world to you. Avril was brave and took a chance at exploring an introductory evening at Silk Ropes after hearing about it and BDSM on a bus ride. It was here that Steven discovers that he may have met a potential masochist to match the sadist in him. Would she be brave enough to return to explore what he suspects? 
Ms. Shearer has done a fantastic job of exploring the fine line between pain and pleasure with Avril and Steven. Avril must first accept that she is a masochist and allow Steven to guide her through this strange new world. She will learn that with the pain comes unbelievable pleasure in Steven’s hands. 
As always, Ms. Shearer continues to write about strong, confident older characters. I love that Steven and Avril are in their 50’s and finding their perfect match in each other. I look forward to reading more about the other Silk Rope Masters already introduced with this book!

It wowed me. 

Posted by Catherine Rowley on 6th Jun 2018

I wasn't sure about this book because of the S&M aspect but instead I was wowed!
I loved it - I'd give 6 stars if it were possible. 
The two main characters were richly described, they were interesting and I enjoyed reading how their love developed.
The S&M part was done so well that I wanted to try it (almost). I love the descriptions from the heroine, made me understand why she needed the pain, what it felt like to her.
Once again they were mature characters and I think that's why I loved it so much.
I now have a new favourite author and can't wait for the next book, hope she's written it because I don't want to

SiK Reviews posted...

Eavesdropping might be rude, but the info you can obtain can can your life forever. Everyone has their own specific desires. It is theirs and theirs alone. For some the fine line between pleasure and pain doesn't exist. For some, giving a masochist what they need, is what they need. They are a match made in heaven. 

Avril thought herself a freak until she over heard a conversation on a bus. Who knew that conversation would change her life forever. Steven had given up finding the one woman who could take what he could give. Then Avril walked in. 

This book is HOT HOT HOT!!!

Sooooo good!! 5 STARS! 

Posted by Bernadette...

This was the first book I've read of Ms. Suzy and afterwards, I'm hooked. One of the best BDSM books I've ever read. Loved how the characters were developed. The ups and downs of Steven and Avril's relationship, the surprising turns in their story, will really get you hooked and look forward to the next books in the series.
Best read straight through without interruptions and a box of tissue handy. ;)

I had never thought of sadists having tender feelings!

Written by Sharon on 22nd Jul 2018

The reviewer was kindly provided a copy of this book by the author. In Steven The Silk Rope Master we move beyond the young and sexy people BDSM world into the heart of an older woman who has always felt no good at sex (read frigid) and finds her true home with a sadist who needs someone to love. While BDSM is distinctly uncomfortable for me as a person this book took me beyond the physicality of the acts and made the players real and interesting. At 52 Avril longs for something and someone but has no idea how to find it. An overheard conversation leads her to a club, The Silk Rope Club, and the sadist, Steven. She recalls a recent relationship that had a little bit of spanking that got her excited in the bedroom but the man didn’t know how to leave it in the bedroom. Steven and Avril are immediately attracted to each other and Steven begins to think that Avril is a beyond special player in their world...but he has to convince her. Avril is excited and eager but doesn’t quite recognise where the journey will take her and is somewhat hesitant to go the whole way for the first part of the story. Steven’s care of her - sadistic and tender depending on where they are - seals her fate. Steven, for his own part has found someone he thinks could be the one. I had never thought of sadists having tender feelings! While BDSM will never be an auto-read for me I did enjoy the love story that under-pinned Avril and Steven’s story and the strength of the other relationships that circled around them.

The Silk Rope Masters -

Book two of The Silk Rope Masters

Jake Nichols, 53, was so tall that she had to crane her neck to look into his face. Muscular - he could pick her up in one hand and yet he held her as if she were a fragile bird.​

And that's exactly what she was - a beautiful plus-sized woman with a pain so deep she's buried her emotions rather than face the tragedy that happened just a few months ago.​

Now Jake had been assigned to care for her by Master Ash, the head of Silk Rope. What Jake didn't expect was to fall in love - but she was only in his care until she could fly on her own.

Couldn’t put it down! 

Posted by Annette S. 

I could not put this book down!! What an emotional journey for Emily (and the reader) since the tragic event in her life months before. She has kept her emotions deep inside and afraid to be herself or feel again since then. She is unwilling to give up BDSM because of the hurt though, even if it is to just sit and observe only. Master Jake has been asked to take her under his wing. Since she keeps everything inside, even Jake is at a loss of how to break down her barriers. When he does though, grab the Kleenex! Just when you think you have recovered from the breakthrough, get ready for more emotional upheaval. You will cry sad and happy tears all through this book. I also loved Jake’s friends and members of the club when they are on a mission! I can’t wait to read more in this series.

Damn Ms Shearer - she made me cry 

Posted by Catherine on 25th Jul 2018

I laughed, I cried, I cursed. I wanted to slap the hero around the head but overall I just loved it.
I'm really enjoying reading about older couples, they seem more real. Ms Shearer has a way of making her characters so believable, easy to relate to.
Part of the story was treated with delicacy and sensitivity, and I cried.
A great read. I hope she has the next one well on the way because I don't want to wait.

Simply Fabulous 

Posted by Jean Day 

I'm so glad Ms Shearer is writing a BDSM series, I love the way she invests in all the members as well as the lead characters. This is the 2nd book in this new series and already I have my favourite members.
In this book we follow Jake and Emily. They both are dealing with their past in different ways. 
Emily was written beautifully. A difficult subject to write about but it was handled thoughtfully and with care.
Once more I was crying and laughing. I enjoy the way Ms Shearer can wring a gamut of emotions from her readers, it shows that we invest in her characters.
Can't wait for the next book. Hoping it's Ash but then Finn or Iain or Kaden. Damn hope it comes soon.

SiKReviews... it was amazing!

WARNING: This book contains a trigger for those who are sensitive to the topic.

I noticed my smiles were huge. My tears rolled long and hard. My heart broke harshly and I laughed like a hound. What more could someone ask from a book?

Jake and Emily are a very special couple.

WIP's - hopefully at least one will be out in the next 12 months.

Silk Rope Masters -

Big Finn O'Malley, 52 , handsome, rich but alone - a big teddy bear.

He's spent his life searching for his soul-mate. He doubts he'll ever meet her until a stranger tears strips off one of his friends in a verbal tongue-lashing, touches Finn but then disappears.

He can't believe his own reaction. His stomach is turned in knots at the sight of this beautiful woman. But how will he ever find her - and if he does, how will she react when he tells her he's a Silk Rope Master?

The Silk Rope Masters -

Even though he is 52, Kaden Turner is the 'class clown' of Silk Rope.

He's never been serious about anything in his life except his '51 Chrysler Windsor deluxe, his '49 Caddy - and Kinbaku, the art of erotic bondage.

Silk Rope Masters -

Doctor Iain Nelson, 54, lost his wife to cancer twelve years ago and since then has been content to pack his heart away.

Then she fell at his feet - literally then walked out again. Suddenly finding her is his number one priority. He doesn't know her name or where she lives. So where to start?

And if he does find her will she like him? But he's a Silk Rope Master - can he convince her to step into his world?

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