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When veterinarian Emily Brownstone, 55, found a poisoned wolf on the roadside, she didn’t realise the chain of events that would follow.

Someone was trying to kill off the native wildlife and Emily’s action in saving the wolf would threaten her life but would also bring her the man of her dreams.

Tate Collins, 57, couldn’t believe his luck—he’s finally met his soul mate after all these years. All he had to do was tell her his secret—and it was a big one! He just hoped she wouldn’t freak out.

On her way home one snowy afternoon Emily finds a large unconscious  wolf in the middle of the road. Suspecting it has been poisoned she flags down a car to get help moving it.

Taking it back to her home she is amazed when it allows her to help it. Over the next few days it gradually heals and Emily falls in love with the handsome blue-eyed wolf. When she releases it back into the wild she feels heart-broken and wonders if she'll ever see it again.

The last thing alpha Tate expected was to get poisoned - but when he discovers his saviour is his mate he has to pretend he's just an ordinary wolf.

Once healed he wrangles an introduction to the beautiful vet. Together they need to find out who is poisoning and shooting the wildlife before it's too late.

But that's not his only problem - somehow he has to her know that he spends a lot of his time running around on four legs!

Jean Day rated it  5 stars!

It was amazing

Another great read from Ms Shearer!
I absolutely loved this book. The two main characters were engaging as were the secondary ones. There were enough laughs to make me smile and a few places where I had my fingers crossed for the heroine. The villain was suitably nasty, and his actions believable. The additional fact of having mature characters just added icing to the cake.
It was a short read but filled with plenty of action and delight. Can't wait to read her next books!


Great story!

Written by Gail Watson on 26th Jul 2019

This was great. First time I've read this author but will now go back and read her other books. I love the fact they were older, made it more real. Fell in love with both the wolf and the man.

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