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A little hint of works in progress...
stay tuned for more info

Silk Rope Masters -

Big Finn O'Malley, 52 , handsome, rich but alone - a big teddy bear.

He's spent his life searching for his soul-mate. He doubts he'll ever meet her until a stranger tears strips off one of his friends in a verbal tongue-lashing, touches Finn but then disappears.

He can't believe his own reaction. His stomach is turned in knots at the sight of this beautiful woman. But how will he ever find her - and if he does, how will she react when he tells her he's a Silk Rope Master?

The Silk Rope Masters -

Even though he is 52, Kaden Turner is the 'class clown' of Silk Rope.

He's never been serious about anything in his life except his '51 Chrysler Windsor deluxe, his '49 Caddy - and Kinbaku, the art of erotic bondage.

Silk Rope Masters -

Doctor Iain Nelson, 54, lost his wife to cancer twelve years ago and since then has been content to pack his heart away.

Then she fell at his feet - literally then walked out again. Suddenly finding her is his number one priority. He doesn't know her name or where she lives. So where to start?

And if he does find her will she like him? But he's a Silk Rope Master - can he convince her to step into his world?

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