A little hint on a couple of works in progress...

stay tuned for more info

The Photographer's Sub

Alex Turner, 54, goes undercover in the US office of her father's media company when it's discovered someone is stealing photographs and selling them to the opposition.

When she meets photographer Nick Ralston, 55, with his dominant, forceful personality she unconsciously drops into sub-mode.

He wants her.

From the moment he laid eyes on Alex he wanted her for his own, the only trouble is she will head back to Australia as soon as her work in the US is finished.

Can he convinced her in the short time they have that the two of them were meant to be together or will fate step in to pull them apart?

Sweet Things

When lovely plus-sized Mia Bruce, 53, has the worst day of her life, she wonders what the future will hold. She oversleeps, then gets splashed with mud soaking her dress and legs. Sneaking into the work bathroom she tries to wash and dry her dresss only to get caught by the new boss.

But that's not the end of her bad luck - she discovers she's been transferred or offer a termination package!

Furiously she decides to leave, she'll do something she's always wanted to do - start her own business baking cakes.

Businessman Karl Miller, 55 is enamoured. Walking into the ladies bathroom after an employee thought they smelt smoke he discovers a beautiful half naked woman.

When he's told she's resigned, he sets out to win her for himself - and his lifelong partner, artist Liam Kelly.

For Liam, 53, he agrees with Karl that Mia is the perfect woman to make their lives complete - they just have to convince her.

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