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Lost and Found

One night of magic. That’s all they had together but it changed both their lives.


Multi-millionaire Oliver Maxwell, 51, despairs of ever finding the woman who stole his heart that night.


Renowned artist Simone St Ives, 46, also knows her life was forever altered by that one chance encounter.


Both doubt they’ll ever find their soul mate again. Because finding them seems impossible when all you know about the other is their first name?

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Jean Day

She did it again!
I really love Ms Shearer. I love the older characters, the way she can make me laugh and cry all in the same book.
This time our hero and heroine had a steamy night together but didn't exchange phone numbers. All they knew was their first names. I love the heroes frustration and dismay at not being able to find his soulmate again.
It was good to see parents included in the book, they were nice secondary characters. So were the two best friends.
Read it, you will really enjoy it.


Great story!

Written by Amelia on 29th Apr 2021

What a great story. Love lost then found again, it was perfect. Lovely heroine and sexy hero. Like the twist and how it played. out. I like the fact the characters were mature, easier to accept their emotions. It as nice t see secondary characters that played great supporting roles. I'll certainly be reading more books from the author.


The title says it all. Well worth the read.

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