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Danielle Graves

I read this book whilst sitting in the car waiting for my partner. At one point, a passerby knocked on the window to check I was ok as I was crying. All I can say is what an absolutely amazing read. The author managed to portray a whole array of emotions in this book - happiness, lust, love, sorrow, grief, and heartbreak. The characters had so many layers and every one of them was portrayed perfectly.

Caitlyn, or Cate as she is mainly referred to in this book has a lot of past trauma that makes relationships and trust difficult, however, through the use of BDSM she is able to open up and explore her natural submissiveness and her need for pain. She is called in to help investigate intellectual theft at one of her father's businesses and it's there she meets Hunter. He immediately is infatuated with her, and although they originally clash, he is able to find his way into her life and her heart.

The relationship between them is beautiful. As an older couple, it was raw and passionate and I loved it more than I expected to. Their communication isn't always brilliant, but through the different POVs, we get to explore their thoughts and feelings as they use BDSM to strip each other bare. It's hot and passionate and fiery and they even include some friends too.

Unfortunately, it wasn't all sunshine and spankings as some very emotional events occurred and we see Caitlyn break. The way the author wrote about her trauma and grief was breathtaking and emotional. It was realistic and heartbreaking and really hit me in the gut. I liked that the author didn't just brush the events under the carpet but really showed the emotional turmoil and breakdown and how important it is to have a support network.

Caitlín's Choice

Caitlín Turner, 54, goes undercover in the US office of her father's media company when it's discovered someone is stealing photographs and selling them to the opposition.

When she meets photographer Nick Ralston, 55, with his dominant, forceful personality she unconsciously drops into sub-mode.

He wants her - from the moment he laid eyes on Caitlín he wanted her for his own, the only trouble is she will head back to Australia as soon as her work in the US is finished.

Can he convinced her in the short time they have that the two of them were meant to be together or will fate step in to pull them apart?

Jen S

Caitlin's Choice was an unexpected surprise. It was a steamy, instalove, BDSM, later in life romance. Caitlin is a 54 year old curvy businesswoman sent to the United States from Australia to investigate some company crimes for their family business. Hunter is a hunky, 55 year old photographer at the company she is sent to. Caitlyn is a submissive (sub) and has experienced significant trauma and abuse in her past. Hunter is a Dominant (Dom) and feels an instant connection to Caitlin. As the two work together, they grow close and agree to explore a Dom/Sub relationship. But Caitlin has trust issues from the past. Can she let Hunter in? Can Hunter show her he only wants to love and care for her? I thought this couple had insane chemistry. Hunter's patience and love in dealing with Caitlin were so sweet. I cried at the lows and was sweating a happy ending, but it came through strong at the end after a lot of angst and tears. This was a fantastic read that had me hooked from beginning to end.

Judy Gittleson Hendrickson

Caitlin comes to the U.S. part of the family company undercover, looking for a thief. She meets Hunter and they each feel the pull and discover they are both into BDSM. Will their relationship continue through obstacles, threats, backstory issues or more? They give it their all as we cross our fingers for them. Good plotline and entertaining situations, banter/sass, steamy moments and chemistry. Great ending.

Stacie Hegenauer

This novel is about a romance between Caitlin and Hunter. Caitlin is a submissive/masochist and Hunter is a Dominant. When Caitlin comes to the US to investigate theft at her company she meets Hunter and there is an immediate attraction. While Hunter seems to be all for a relationship, Caitlin has skeletons in her closet that are heartbreaking. As they start their relationship they experience many different tests that threaten to tear them apart. I really enjoyed the range of emotions in this book!

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