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Anabelle Rowley, 55 is a successful high-end bridal gown designer who is taking a two week break at an exclusive beach-front villa she meets a man. Not just any man, one who ticks every box on her imaginary boyfriend list.

John Ethan, 52, has just moved to Australia and taking a two week break to recover from injury. Imagine his surprise when he meets a woman who aroused every desire in him.

Is it just a holiday fling or was there something more, something long lasting?

Their holiday romance lights fires in them both but when Anabelle has to leave suddenly neither have a way of finding each other again.


But the big question is will they ever be able to locate each other?


And if they do how will Anabelle react to John's past?

My inspiration for John Ethan is the gorgeous Idris Elba

OMG - the sex was amazing! 

Posted by Catherine Rowley on 30th May 2018

This was a new author to me and it certainly won't be the last book I read of hers!
First - I love that they were both older characters. I'm sick of reading books about 20 and 30 year old when I'm in my 50s. Instead I could easily put myself in the heroine's place and completely understand her reactions.
Second - There was a great romance story going on. It made sense. 
Third - that scary bit! OMG I was shaking and then I was crying.
Finally - I fell in love with the hero and heroine and I totally loved Charlie! 

The sex was sizzling! The hero hot and sexy. I can't wait for her next book - I'll be at the head of the queue to buy it!

Jean Day rated it 5 Stars

Oh wow! This book was fabulous, Ms Shearer has done it again!
I really like that her books always have mature characters - in their 40s, 50s and 60s. I'm 52 and it's nice to read a book with heroes and heroines a contemporary age. I can relate to them.
The characters were well developed and I raced through with fingers crossed they would meet again.
Have to admit to shock at one point - I wasn't expecting what happened but it really worked great in the story.
I did fall in love with John - who wouldn't?
Oh and all that hot sex... yes please!

SiKReviews rated it  5 Stars

Just because you are over 50 doesn't mean you can't fall in love an live like you are 20.

Throughout reading this book, I felt like I was on vacation in Australia. Probably the only way I will be able to visit. The author was very descriptive and as such, I was able to picture every "scene" with ease and "see" it's beauty.

One of my favorite parts was Annabelle found a new friend in Rolly. Well at least when she had an apple. It was a pure and innocent gift that wildlife can give.

John's love for Anna was instantaneous. Hers was just as fast, but very cautious.

Touching and full of action

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