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A Christmas Wish
Forever & Always

When Roxanne King fled the loves of her life at 22 she knew she had to accept the consequences of her actions the rest of her life. Now 53 that decision has come back.

Andrew Essex and Stefan Łukasik are married and love each other more than anything. But someone is missing - Roxanne.

When they find her again they get more than they bargained for!

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The real Spot

Awesome book!!!

Written by Amy J on 1st Jan 2023

I really enjoyed reading this book. This was actually the first book that I’ve read by this author and I hope to read more. Awesome book!!

Simply beautiful!

Written by FiDevil on 14th Jan 2023

What a fantastic story! I especially loved the fact that the main characters are in their 50’s, not in their twenties or thirties. I really enjoyed reading the story about Roxanne who had run away from her ménage relationship with Stefan and Andrew. After she had left them she discovered she was pregnant and had twins. 30 years later by accident Stefan sees his daughter Stephanie and mistake her for Roxanne, this leads to them being reunited and after several weeks they finally have their Roxanne back and their children and grandchildren. There is a happily ever after for this family.

Debbie Bolay

January 13, 2023

💖💞💖 Stefan, Roxanne, Andy 💖💞💖 This is an awesome story about rekindled love! Suzy Shearer does an awesome job telling the story of 3 people who still live each other but have been apart for over 20 years! Great read!.

Nina Diab

January 21, 2023

I was looking forward to reading this book. I like the theme of a second chance romance years after it began, and love MMF. I really liked Andrew and Stephen. Their bond was strong and solid. Roxanne always felt guilty and regretful leaving them and wished to be with them again. After thirty years, fate brought them together again. I didn't much care for Roxy or choices she made. I liked the men more, but overall wished to see more of their relationship- both between Stef and Andy as a couple and then after reuniting with Roxy and the three of them. There just seemed to be a lot of other life stuff muddling the romance that I wanted to happen. This is the first book I've read by this author and I would read another. 

Loved it!

Written by Maureen L on 18th Dec 2022

Love this book. Why? Mature characters Lost loves Interesting characters Well written Emotional. I like that the heroine had doubts and misgivings, made her more human. The two lead male characters were great, they were separate individuals rather than two cookie-cutter characters. I haven't read this author before but will now.

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