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Perfect Three is now only available direct from the author. 

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By Annette Schleihauf 


Perfect Three is a perfect combination of love, sex, new experiences, family and even heartbreak. Lucy, Jack and Sebastian find love together at middle age but have several hurdles that must be overcome for this love to last. These obstacles will definitely pull at the readers heartstrings and have them wiping away a few tears. Another fantastic, emotional book by Suzy Shearer!

SiKReviews's review 

Oct 03, 15


5 of 5 stars


If you want a book that is emotional and heartfelt, then I suggest this one. At a couple of places I had tears streaming down my face. I felt the heroine's heart ache. A really wonderful story from Suzy.

Lucy Willis has spent most of her life either raising her daughter or caring for her terminally ill mother. 


Now at 49 it's time to think about herself.


When she meets two attractive me in their 50s at a local pub she finds herself drawn to them. One an indigenous Australia and the other a cute surfer type.


It's when they inform her that they are together and that Sebastian Daley is a Dom with Jack Rawing his sub, that Lucy panics. Much as she wants a man who will control her in bed she isn't sure she can handle being a sub - and add in an extra man!


Will Lucy finally find the true happiness and love she desperately wants with these two or will her fear keep the three of them apart?

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