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Book 2 in The Hunter series comes out on the 16th.


A Hunter's Choice follows Matei's young brother Tomas as he meets his 'One' and discovers a nest of strigoi. With Micheal and Louisa's help they soon discover they are up against an unknown quarry.

Add 2 more Hunters into the mix and you have the ingredients for a story that is tense at times and loving at other.

I love the cover Harris Channing came up with - it fits the story so well!

Then 25th November sees 'Build A Love' released in eformat (the print edition is due out around May 2015).

This is a contemporary menage story - two builders who have been in a loving relationship with each other for 15 years meet Harriet 'Harry' and decide she is just the woman they need to complete them.

Harry has some issues to deal with but she hopes the boys will be able to help her.

I'm working on book 3 of the Hunter series - in it you'll catch up with Martin. But mainly it is the king's story - Anthan - as he deals with his ever increasing desire to 'walk into the sun'.

As well I have started a new BDSM series - Darker Desires - book one is called 'Whipped Delight'. Hopefully I have both finished before the end of November.

#bdsm #romance #vampire #menage #hunters

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