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Dark Desires series Erotic BDSM Romance Suzy Shearer
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All books in the Dark Desire series are now only available direct from the author. 

Each title is now only $1 USD.
Just email for an ecopy.
NOTE - Covers on ebooks are temporary and not as shown here.

Book five of Dark Desires 

Laura Keell, 55 has recently discovered she was adopted and now has been left a wealthy woman by her biological father. 

On the day she has an appointment to meet with the solictor she meets Tobias Duncan, 57.

To say their meeting was explosive would be an understatement - she refers to him as a bull elephant when he injures her. Despite their hostile start neither can get the other out of their mind.

When they do meet again Laura wonders if she does go out with Tobias how will he react when he learns her dark desire - to be in control sexually.

Will he run or will he stay?

Cover Elephants & Ever-Afters by Suzy Shearer BDSM Erotic Romance Suzy Shearer

Dark Desires 
a BDSM series

Who knows what's beyond a closed door?

Who knows how dark your desires are?

Who knows what secrets you hide?

Who knows your cravings?


Who will you trust with your secret Dark Desires?

NOTE: Each book is a standalone and may be read in any order.

SiKReviews rated it 

It was amazing

After having one of the most meet cutes ever, Tobias and Laura have an emotional, passionate love affair that leaves you truly satisfied. I really loved this story. Read it in one day.

Love his gift to her.....Tembo.

Cover Whipped Delights BDSM Erotic Romance Suzy Shearer

Annette rated it 5 of 5 stars


Hot! Hot! Hot! My first time reading this author and I was not disappointed. I loved that Emma and Simon were both older, well established in their careers, and had normal people flaws before finding each other. Neither one could find someone that accepted them for themselves and their "kink." Together though, they bring out the best in each other and keep each other safe and in control. The sex is HOT, STEAMY, and ROMANTIC all rolled up together! So happy that these two could get their happy ending even after things go so horribly wrong for them. A fantastic love story that I could easily picture in my mind. Looking forward to more in this series


Book one of Dark Desires 


Famous cookbook author and chef Emma Cunningham, 43, has spent all her adult life searching for the one man who could control her.


Emma is a sexual masochist but never found a man who could resist her pleas for more pain. She has been terrified of being permanently injured.


When she meet a handsome stranger, Simon Harrington 45, all her senses come alive. He seems as attracted to her as she is to him. But how will he react when she tells him she needs to be tied up and whipped hard during sex?


Will he say goodbye when she tells him she can't climax without pain, without being hurt?


Will he be like most men she has told and tell her she's a freak or is there a chance that her dark desires might coincide with his? That he enjoys inflicting whipped delights?



This book is book is hot!!! Not everyone is into pain, but for Emma it is a must. She is a masochist. She cannot find pleasure without the pain. Suzy did a great job in letting us know how much Emma loved every slap of the paddle and kiss of the flogger. She just has one issue, she doesn't stop begging for more. She needs someone to control her, to tell her she has had enough. Simon knew from the minute he saw her, that Emma was meant for him. When she tells him that she is a masochist, he couldn't help but feeling glee. Their meeting was definitely an act of fate. 

When someone tries to separate them, fate steps in again. Theirs is a relationship I wish I had.


Book two of Dark Desires 


Jessica Williams spent six years in an abusive relationship with a pseudo Dom. When she finally escaped she vowed never to let it happen again.


The next sixteen years she locked away her pain, locked away her heart and refused to get involved with any man.


Then she met Aiden Dowling.


Their attraction was instant and she instinctively knew he was a Dom. 


Could she fight against her own cravings and resist him?


Or would Aiden be the man who finally mastered her?

SiKReviews rated it 5 of 5 stars

I have to say I love how Suzy Shearer tells a story. The female characters aren't always young and pretty. Not what many consider the ideal body type, or age for that matter. Her characters are as real as book characters can be.

Jessica was young when she met Dennis. He showed her an exciting sexy way of life. Then it all changed. When she could, she left this bad situation and with the help of her boss. He helps her become whom she always wanted to be. Never wanting to use the money her father gave her, she used it this one time to start anew. Over the years she heals on the outside. She even finds herself talking to her dad again.

A picture. That is all Aiden had to see to know he had to have her. There was something about her that called to his inner Dom. One meeting and he knows he is right. Together they heal Jessica on the inside. They are a perfect match made in Heaven.

I laughed, and yes Suzy, I cried. My heart ached for Jess, then for Aiden. Loved this book!!!!


suzy shearer cover Her Cravings Mastered BDSM Erotic Romance Suzy Shearer

Gloria Herrera's review    5 of 5 stars

 July, 2015


This is an impressive story of a domestic abuse victim and her search for independence and freedom. You hear about abused women who stay in relationships that are abhorrent. You hear that they stay with the abuser and then you wonder ... Why?

This story looks into the heart of a woman who survives years of abuse at the hand of her boyfriend and finally seeks to free herself from his control. Years of working toward her goal to succeed and prove she can achieve everything he denied her, melt away when he threatens her again. Jessica has become a successful businesswoman. The impact of Dennis coming into her life again and making demands, weakens her with the terror of his influence. She has a good man in her life now who believes in her and her abilities. Out of the strength of this relationship springs the needed moral support for her to stand up to her abusive ex. Aiden Dowling is her strongest supporter. He loves her just as she is. His love and assurances help Jessica flourish.

Mature love can be just as exciting and passionate. This story is well-written and believable. I was transported into Aiden and Jessica's world. My only regret is that the book ended.


suzy shearer Cover Melting Her Dom's Heart BDSM Erotic Romance Suzy Shearer

Book three of Dark Desires 


When Kallista Robins, 49 meets Alexander Harrison, 52, she is attracted to him but wary.


Alexander has a reputation - he is a great Dom but he is emotionless, never letting anyone get close to him. Nick-named Alexander the Great by other subs, he had locked his heart away and intends to keep it that way. Alex refuses to ever collar a sub and warns them before he begins any relationship.


When he meets Kallista Robins his world is turned upside down. Never having been in love before or allowed a woman to get emotionally close sends Alex into a tailspin.


Will Kallista be able to live without having her love returned or will she give up on ever melting her Dom's heart?

Annette rated it 5 of 5 stars


Suzy Shearer has done it again! She has woven a tale of love, heartbreak and second chances that left me reaching for the tissues multiple times. She certainly knows how to write characters that will leave you in tears or ready to slap them up side the head. 

Alex has been described by his subs as having a frozen heart. He doesn't allow himself or his subs to become emotionally attached to each other for fear of getting hurt. That is, until he meets Kallie. She has captivated him just with her voice alone. Their first meeting has him reacting like he never has before and it throws him completely off. He doesn't know what to do. The reader gets to see a vulnerable and emotional side to a Dom and man that routinely is not present in a book of this genre. 

Kallie slowly gets to know the real Alex, after a bad start with him, and falls in love. Old fears come up again and with them brings back the old Alex. Kallie can only cope with old Alex for so long though. A series of tragic events will leave the reader on the edge of their seats to see if this couple will make their love last. Have tissues ready for multiple points throughout this book!!




I got so much out of this book.

1. Careful what you do and say in front of your kids, you don't know how it can affect them in the future.

2. Don't let the past or others dictate your future.

3. Don't settle for crumbs, when you deserve the whole slice.

I can go on, but, read this tale and see what it says to you. Kallie and Alex are a mature couple that were made for each other.

Book four of Dark Desires 

Isabella Coburn, 50 is now a successful sculptor, she left the nude modelling world behind her years ago. But now Gabriel Milford, 47, wants her - he needs a rubinesque older woman to pose for him and he's determined that woman be Isabella.


Sparks fly when these two met. Gabriel is determine Issie will pose for him and she's equally determined that will never happen.

Issie needs to photograph his Spanish bull - Ferdinand - Gabriel says no but tries blackmail.


She can't deny her attraction to him but she has a dark secret, one that she's only shared with one other person. And that person treated her like she had the plague when she confessed.


Now all her dark desires have burst into her mind clamouring to be free - desires that Gabriel would be only too willing to satisfy.


Will she finally accept who she is or will she continue to shun men the way she has for the past twenty years?

Cover An Artist's Kiss by Suzy Shearer BDSM Erotic Romance Suzy Shearer



It was amazing

Artists are masters of passion and expression. Gabriel and Issie have it ten fold. Their attraction for each other was hotter than a volcano. Love how well they fit together. Gabe knew how to work Issie like she did with her clay. He doused her fears and lit her fire. Sweet yet hot as Hades itself. Will keep you warm this winter.

Annette rated it 5 of 5 stars


This book had fiery, seductive, kinky, sweet and suspenseful components all wrapped together to create Gabriel and Isabella's love story. It was also great to see an older couple fall in love and prove that love is for all and any age.

Isabella has spent a lifetime doubting herself and believing that she is a freak because of her desires. She has listened to one person and has let that rule her life. She has closed herself off from the world despite being a famous plus sized model and an artist in her own right.

Isabella's first meeting with Gabriel had sparks flying for all the wrong reasons as do the following meetings. He pushes her buttons and she can't stop thinking about him. Gabriel is also an artist who wants her as a model but also seems to see right through Isabella and what she desires. He begins tearing down those walls that she has built and opens a whole new world for her, if only she has the courage to step into it.

Ms.Shearer certainly knows how to write the heat as well. The pages burn up when these two get together. Throw in some kinky elements and the reader is as captivated as Isabella is in learning new things. The author has also thrown in a few twists and "what!" moments to keep the reader intrigued. Overall, The Artist's Kiss was a beautiful and sensual love story that I couldn't put down. 

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