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The Club!



... the place where all your fantasies can become realities ....


... where nothing is too kinky ...


... where dreams come true ...


... throw away your inhibitions  ...


... and live for sensual delights 

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Kelsie Belle, author of Playing for Keeps and Sweet Serendipity rated The Club: Bound 5 of 5 stars  ....


"Wow, it has been quite a while since I've read such polished writing. This story was very elegantly written, Ms. Shearer did a wonderful job of captivating me with her use of language. This story was truly an awesome read because it was so unlike anything else I've ever read, the story line was fresh and ingenious and I totally enjoyed it. The dynamics of the relationship between Lisa and Paul was enthralling, I could almost feel the depth of their emotions in each erotic scene. Very well done, I look forward to more of Suzy's work"

suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent
suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent



Book One of The Club series.


As a result of a lost bet, Lisa's first experience in The Club excites her - until she discovers she performed in front of an audience with a stranger.

How could this attractive man just walk away after he bound her and had sex with her?

Will Lisa be able to forgive Paul for leaving her in front of the entire Club or will she turn her back on the one man who has the ability to make her lose all inhibitions and drive her to amazing sexual heights?




SEXTREME: Erotic audience. Extreme sex scenes; hard core; many instances of unconventional sex; no holds barred in sexual language; not for the faint-hearted; definitely will offend most readers


This book contains explicit sexual content that is only suitable for adults. Customers are advised that the heat ratings reflect the level of explicit language contained in a book or excerpt.

This book is intended for mature adult audiences only.

I am loving her books! (I get to read them before they go to the publisher).


Not everyone's cup of chilli chocolate, and some of you won't like them at all. Oh no, not a bit.


But those who are more adventurous, well, you will enjoy!


Fifty Shades, you are blah. THIS is the real good stuff!   

Lisa Mancl rated The Club 2: Uncollared 5 of 5 stars


"Wow, was leary of getting since I liked book one but didnt love it. Glad I had alread purchased on pre-order so I had no choice but to committ and I am glad I did. I love a good book where there is insta love and lust, and who doesnt love a good book with a bad character. The book reads fast more of a novella but well worth it. Hope there are more and they are as good as book 2. Books can be read as a stand a lone but you get a small glimpse of the other characters from book 1."

Connie rated The Club 2: Uncollared 5 of 5 stars

Shelves: bdsm-dom


"After reading book one, I couldn't wait to read the next in the series. I was definitely not disappointed. Loved the storyline and characters. Book was well written and contained hot steamy sex. I love how Antony swept in to rescue Cassie. Loved his gentleness and patience while at the same time being the Dom she needed to overcome past abuse. I would recommend."


Book Two of The Club series.


She had been abused and raped by her old Master, now it is up to her new Master Antony to teach Cassie that being a submissive can be wonderful. She soon falls in love with her new Master and life seems perfect but will it stay that way?


She looked terrified all of a sudden and grabbed Antony's hand. "Sir, don't leave me! Please. Oh Sir, Please don't leave me!" She was so frightened her Master may return, she whispered, "I am sorry Sir, but I am so scared he will come back."


Antony looked down at her and spoke softly, "I won't leave. I will be right here for as long as you want me," and with that he sat down on the bed and gently took her hand in his.



suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent
suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent
suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent
suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent
suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent
Book Three in The Club series

Val is drop-dead gorgeous! His friends call him 'The Valentine' because all the women secretly covet him.


Erin loves what she sees; but she can see beyond the handsome exterior and falls in love with the man inside.


When Val overhears part of a conversation he is sure Erin is just another woman who wants to make her friends jealous with a handsome boyfriend. Will he risk his happiness and run?



I loved your story, it was a beautiful love story...I was shocked by the twist! Good work Suzy, you write very well....



omg BDSM!!! If I had knickers on, I'd have to change them! LOL.


SiKReviews's review 

Jul 03, 14


5 of 5 stars ......


"This book had me hot and bothered one minute, crying the next, then heartbroken then elated and then horny again.....I think this is my favorite in the series so far!"

suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent
suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent
Book Four in The Club series


Kendra Fletcher has a tragic past that she just cannot seem to escape from. She discovered The Club six months ago, and it has become her only sexual outlet.  By displaying then masturbating herself in front of an audience, she can finally achieve an orgasm.



Marc and Gabe Rossi, identical twins, fun loving and full of life, see her perform, and for them it is love at first sight. They know she is the woman for them. But how can they convince such a shy and reclusive woman that they are perfect for her?



Ty and Juliet Palmer decide to help the twins get the woman they love. After all, who better to help than Juliet, who loves being displayed, and her loving husband, who loves to watch her?


So with the help of their friends at The Club, the twins set out to win over Kendra and make her their own.

suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent
suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent



Book Five in The Club series



When confident businesswoman Georgia Coburn heads off to The Club for one night only, little does she know what awaits her. 


A very handsome and arrogant man forces his attentions on her.  Try as she might to resist him, her body submits under the force of his kisses.


When he offers her a proposal—spend the day with him at The Club, let him show her the delights of being a sub and if, at the end of the night, she doesn't want to stay with him he will leave her alone—she accepts.


Georgia is shocked by her responses when she is under his domination, she still cannot believe she is a submissive, but her body is telling her she is. She believes Jackson wants a 24/7 Dom/sub relationship but Georgia can never live that way. 


Jackson knows she is his sub, knows he is in love with her.  Now he just has to convince Georgia he is the Dom for her.

suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent

Sik Reviews ....


"Ok, so last night I read this book and decided I needed to sleep on it before I reviewed it. Why? Well, like the main character, Georgia, I was conflicted about if I like the book or not. During the night, I realized that it wasn't the book that I was conflicted with, but rather, how I was processing what was written. 

I emotionally connected with Georgia in such a way that it was adversely effecting with what I actually thought of the story. I mean, Suzy wrote it in a way that got me so involved, how can I not like it? Do I think Jack is my new book boyfriend....hell no, but I can now see his side of things. I don't like the way he started this relationship, but in the end that is what Georgia wanted to happen. She does say it even. So, who am I to judge what I think to what the character does. 

Because of that, based on the story, the writing and the very real emotions it conjured in myself, I give it 4 Hearts!"

Sik Reviews ....


Another wonderful installment of The Club Series. Ms. Shearer again reminds us that true love never dies. Parents really need to butt out of their grown child's love life. I mean seriously, Cathy's parents should be hung, drawn and quartered. 

Doc could never find anyone that could replace Cathy. Even when he finds this gorgeous woman to sleep with, he calls her name when orgasms. It was if his subconscious knew who she was. 

When Cathy read the letters, I cried with her and mourned the 30 years lost. 

I cried when they finally became one. 

Another great book Suzy!



Book Six in The Club series


Fleur and Richard have their 25th wedding anniversary coming up; as owners of the Club where better to hold it.


A fancy dressed masquerade party holds all the elements for surprises and sensual fun.


James Wilson is the very popular unofficial medic at The Club.  Well liked, attractive, and respected, he indulges in games with his friends but never has a permanent partner.  Fleur, Lisa, and the other club members would love to find him someone to love but he resists all offers.  When Richard and Fleur hold a masquerade ball, James meets someone amazing. He thinks he has found the woman he could love forever.


But when the mysterious and beautiful Naddiya tells him she will give him two hours to spend making love to her and after that she will disappear from his life, Doc is both distraught and angry.


With very little to go on, can he find the woman he thinks would be a woman he could love?


Just who is the mysterious and beautiful 'Naddiya'?

suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent
suzy shearer author suzy shearer torrent
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