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Just Hit Submit!

Well I did it - I hit submit on book 3 of The Silk Rope Masters!

In this book we get to learn more about the co-owner and Head Master of Silk Rope - Ash (Reyansh) Siddiqi. Ash is 53 and has been friends with Steven, Jake and Kaden since they all started school.

While the other 3 dated and had relationships Ash was always content to find his pleasures at the Club with no strings attached.

He always said, and believed, he was a bachelor. At least that was until the chef at Silk Rope was involved in an accident and his beautiful unattached sister, Sophie, stepped in to help out.

From the very first moment he saw her she took his breathe away, he was firmly hooked. But there was a big problem - it was obvious to Ash she disliked him intensely. Now he only has a few months to change her opinion and convince her to dip her toes into the BDSM lifestyle with him.

The highly delectable Moose Ali Khan was my inspiration for Ash, love his sultry looks and those eyes! Yum. He's one of those sexy silver foxes who just keep getting better and better as they age.

We also get to see more of Storm - Ash's huge cat who thinks it's him who owns the club.

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