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I Just Hit Submit!

Well I just hit 'submit' on book one of my new BDSM series, The Silk Rope Masters. Book one is Steven and we follow his fall into love. Now comes the nail-biting wait, the continually checking of my inbox to see if Evernight Publishing accept the manuscript. The submission selection usually takes around 12 weeks so it will be a long, tense time.

I've made a start on books 2 & 3 - both have around 20k written so I'm going to press the keyboard hard over the next few months to get them both finished (and keep my mind off worrying about whether my book is accepted).

They ooze power, control, natural dominance - and sex. They are The Silk Rope Masters.​ None have ever found love but watch out! When they fall, they'll fall fast and hard!

When 53 year old Avril Thomson overheard two women talking about a BDSM club , it had her intrigued. Determined to finally explore her desire for pain during sex, she signs up for the information evening at Silk Rope - an exclusive BDSM club. Even before she knows his name, she becomes aware of Master Steven.​

Steven Bray, 55, is a sadist. He noticed her as soon as he entered into the room, she was hard to ignore. Beautiful but with an unapproachable demeanour.​ Still his cock had given a twitch that turned into much more when she admitted she wanted to explore pain - heavy pain. The question is would she return? And if she did would she turn out to be a sexual masochist? If she was, would she allow Steven to teach all there was to love about pain.

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