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Coming soon...

Just sent back the first edits of Her Dom's Secret Past to Evernight. I was very happy with the editor assigned to me, there were a great number of changes but I think they will make a better book.

I truly think you will enjoy this story - it's told in first person POV with chapters from the hero and the heroine.

My hero is tall, dark and handsome. Idris Elba was the inspiration and I used this picture in this scene....

"... John was leaning against the bonnet of his car, his bow tie was undone as well as the top few buttons of his crisp white shirt. It lay starkly black against the white. One hand was in his pocket, pulling back one side of his jacket, stretching the fabric of his trousers tight across his groin. His other hand rested on his muscular thigh, a glimpse of his wristwatch peeking out. The black fabric against the white shirt accentuated his chocolate skin, the white shirt caressing his body. The ultimate package—combined together, it showed exactly how sexy and powerful he was. He appeared very relaxed, so natural and oozing sex appeal. There was no doubt he would be amazing on the cover of any magazine. He looked…

He looked incredible and I got this crazy thought. He was mine, all mine. Women passed him, trying to catch his eye, but he ignored them, staring ahead until he saw me. Then as I approached, his face lit up with his smile.

Oh God, what a smile! ..."

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