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Accepted - and a Great Cover!!

Book five in the Dark Desires series has been accepted by Siren, just waiting on the first round of edits. It's due out mid May.

I just received the cover from the amazing Harris Channing - I love it. The covers in this series have all been done by her and they are all fabulous.

I had a lot of fun writing this book, as usual my characters took over and dictated where they wanted to go. Maybe one day I'll write a book that I actual control ... lol.

Anyway this book is a little different but still has the same sexy elements. So just what is it about?

It’s a clash of wills when Tobias Duncan, 57, meets Laura Keell, 55 but neither can forget the impact each had on the other. To Laura, Tobias is just like a charging bull elephant but he still presses every button. For Tobias, Laura is everything he’s ever dreamed of.

Tobias tries everything he can to find out where Laura lives, he just can’t forget this beautiful plus-sized woman.

Both try to forget but when a chance meeting with a friend of Tobias means he can see Laura again he jumps at the chance. But there is a problem that neither share. Tobias wants a woman who dictates the terms during sex. And Laura? Laura loves to be in charge. They drop hints over a few weeks until a rather interesting event sees Laura confess.

Their romance goes from casual to sizzling almost overnight. Nothing can come between them as their love grows—that is until a tragedy strikes.

Will death separate these soulmates?

#BDSM #romance #sex #erotic #desires

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