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A New Hunter Book in the Making ...

I've been concentrating on writing books in the Dark Desires series lately but I've had a number of readers ask me 'what about the Hunters?' so I've started writing a new Hunter book.

If you remember the last book had the Hunters realising there are more strigoi (vampires) about, they were breeding faster and faster. We also discovered the gods still were watching and looking out for our heroes.

Well in this latest book I have a new heroine, Katherine Garrett, who had some rather interesting abilities that will be able to aid our Hunters on their quest to rid the world of strigoi.

Katherine discovers she is the One for a gorgeous Hunter - Jun Westbrook. He's young by Hunter standards, only 659, but is very experienced. He is 6’8 tall, with dark brown hair that he wears with the sides and top pulled back in a bun with the rest either hanging loose or in a plait. He has sexy light green eyes flecked with darker emerald green. His Hunter mother was Japanese- and his father English. Oh yes - he likes using a bow and arrow or a samuri sword to kill strigoi.

At the moment the manuscript has a working title of A Hunter's Call but that may change as the characters develop.

In case you're wondering that hunk is the inspiration for Jun ... and isn't he ....mmmm yummy.

A lot of the story is set in Scotland, in Jun's favourite home - a Baronial Castle!

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