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Working Hard

Now that the festive season is well and truly behind us I've got stuck into writing.

I've almost finish the short story for the next anthology book - with the same other 6 authors. It's called Tale of a Wolf and is about a wolf skin-walker whose life is saved by a very cute vet. At the moment my Beta reader is going through it for me. She'll find all the glaring errors and tell me where it stinks ... lol.

As usual both characters are mature with a few quirks. At the same time I've picked up where I left off in book 4 of my Dark Desires series. This one has a tentative title of The Artist and the Model. About 60k words done and maybe another 10k to do. The hero is a handsome 47 year old artist who has the hots for a delightful rubinesque 51 year old female nude model.

He's one of those hunky guys who wears his hair in a bun while he works .... yum!

Had a few people ask me if I'm going to write another book in The Hunters series - to be honest I don't know.

I've toyed with a few plots but haven't found one that sings to me yet. But it's certainly a real possibility.

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