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5 Star Review

A five star review for A Hunter's Choice.


Oct 17, 2014SiKReviews rated it 5 of 5 stars

"Julie has been a loner most of her life and believes she will remain that way. Until Tomas crawls into her life. Tomas has been hoping that fate would smile upon him and let him find his One. Who knew he would find her when he needed her most?

I love how we get to see more about the other characters in this world. I am so stoked that Avril turned out to be the One for who I hoped she would be. Yeah, if you want to know who, read the book! This book had me tearing up in many places. Smiling in more. I never wanted it to end. I have been reading Suzy's books since the very beginning. Each book she writes just keeps getting better and better. I love how Suzy's heroines are older, more mature and imperfect. It makes me as a reader able to relate to the characters more. Well done Suzy!"

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