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Two New Books...

The first half of 2021 will see the release of two books.

I've signed the contracts on Lost and Found and Devil's Own.

Lost and Found is a sweet romance.

One night of magic. That’s all they had together but it changed both their lives. Multi-millionaire Oliver Maxwell, 51, despairs of ever finding the woman who stole his heart that night.

Renowned artist Simone St Ives, 46, also knows her life was forever altered by that one chance encounter.

Both doubt they’ll ever find their soul mate again. Because finding them seems impossible when all you know about the other is their first name?

While Devil's Own is a very dark romance with an unusual romantic lead - The Devil.

When a deal’s made with The Devil, someone always has to pay.

By 51 Miranda Fleming had become a world famous artist. She lacked nothing, except a relationship. In fact in her entire dating life not one man had ever asked for a third date. She often joked she was the oldest living virgin.​

But that was about to change and not in a way that she could’ve ever imagined—or desired!​

He was The Devil. Satan. Lucifer, the Antichrist, the Beast. So many names, the list went on and on. A taker of souls, a dealer of desires and greed, the ultimate evil.​

And now it was time to collect on the deal made about Miranda years ago. He’d kept her pure since then, just so he could torment and torture her.

That is, until he tired of her.

Devil's Own has many trigger warnings but it is still a love story, despite who the lead hero is.

(warnings - abuse, torture, rape, enforced seduction, kidnapping)

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