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Great Month...

I belong to RWA (Romance Writers of Australia) and this month we had a challenge - 50k in May. I thought I needed a little motivation to get the first draft completed on my Holiday Hunk book.

So I started the challenge with 15k and finished it with 83247 words! Mind you that total will certainly change once I begin the 2nd draft but I was ecstatic at the total. I've actually sent it off - warts and all - to my Beta reader to see what she thinks before I start the challenge of re-working.

Then during the month, in the middle of the night - as often happens - I had an idea for another book in the Dark Desires series. So next morning I got down as much as I could.

Anyway, once I finished the Holiday Hunk book I went in to work on the new one and managed to add 23045 words to my month's total.

That meant my final figure for the 50k in May challenge was ..... 91,292 words!!

So the new WIP? What's it about?

It's about a 55 year old Aussie sub who has to go to the US. Someone in the US branch of her father's company is doing a little business espionage and she's sent to find the culprit.

Naturally there's a hunk she meets - a Dom with his very sexy eyes on her.

She's hesitant to get involved with him for a couple of reasons - one she'll go back to Australia once the villain is caught and two - he just might be the villain!

Haven't any inspiration photos of him for you to drool over yet but I have given you the floor pattern of his kitchen - at one point in the story it makes an entrance ... lol.

#BDSM #romance #sex #sub #dom

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